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The Edjacated Phools are a 6-piece fusion band based in Baltimore, MD. Comprised of Devin Barone (drums), Tyler Garrison (bass), Nick Hatzis, (vocals) Kyle Sappington (vocals), Logan Sappington (guitar, vocals), and Ben Yancheski (keys), they combine an energetic blend of rock, reggae, hip-hop, ska and alternative influences into a unique sound.

The Rogue Citizens are a 3 piece rock reggae band from Ocean City, Maryland.

Playing a full set of covers and original music.

Stratus Fear is a Baltimore-based Reggae/Rock/Ska band founded in the summer of 2015. The band’s influence derives from years of listening to various styles of music such as Hip-hop, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Punk Rock, Ska, Dub, Dancehall, and Classic Rock. Each song consists of one-drop pounding drums, driving harmonic basslines, skanking rhythms, colorful guitar melodies, and a voice that tells a tale from the young adult lifestyle existing in today’s day and age. With a natural and compatible formula like this… the band sees no end, and will continue to write songs and play them for all who desire the sound.

Electric Love Machine is a Future Wave/Space Disco quartet from Baltimore MD. Their style was born out of the Livetronica/Jam Band scene. Over the past five years their sound has touched on the entire spectrum of human emotion; mixing the dark with the light, the pop with the jam, the disco with the metal, all while sprinkling retro, funky overtones throughout.

Long known within the festival community as a skilled performer, remixer, and producer, Maryland’s SOOHAN (Stephen Suchan) has been taking over the underground and mainstream with a steady output of the most creative sample-based work since the likes of Girl Talk and DJ Shadow. Entering 2018 with 5 albums and full-length projects under his belt, for a combined 2 million plays, he has singularly redefined success for the independent electronic musician, forging strong, personal, and lasting connections with musicians, industry, and fans alike across his extensive travels. Newcomers to Soohan will find a treasure trove of remixed and sample-based works, celebrating regional dance and folk music the world over, with bass-heavy reinterpretation bringing sounds to enthusiastic audiences who would never otherwise experience them.

Jade Omari

Henni The Stoner

The Alpha Omega